Required Courses

  • ASIANST 201 Asian Studies Proseminar (2 semesters, 1 Unit per Semester) 
  • Asian Language course work (equivalent to 6 semesters of language study)
  • 20 units of graduate-level or upper division undergraduates courses, as per approved study list, in one of the four regional concentrations: East Asia; Northeast Asia; South Asia; Southeast Asia.

ASIANST 201 Asian Studies Proseminar 1 Unit
Terms offered: Fall and Spring
This 1 unit course is required of all first-year graduate students and is supervised by a regular faculty member. The fall seminar will familiarize newly arrived students with Berkeley’s faculty and resources in Asian Studies, introduce methodologies particular to the field, and encourage students to develop their critical thinking, research, and writing skills. The spring semester is a workshop focusing on the art and craft of academic writing and thesis preparation.  

ASIANST 299 Independent Study 1 – 7 Units
Independent Study units are taken with specific faculty when doing further research in a field of inquiry, drafting your thesis, or research and writing. Although Independent Study units can be taken at any time, students will have often completed required coursework prior to doing Independent Study. Students should discuss the substance of these units with that particular faculty member. To register for a 299, you may send an email to the faculty member and the GSAO formally requesting the Independent Study.


Suggested graduate/proseminar courses in cognate disciplines 

HISTORY of ART 200: Graduate Proseminar in the Interpretation of Art Historical Materials

HISTORY of ART 203 Seminar in Material Culture: The Interpretation of Objects

BUDDHIST STUDIES 200 Proseminar in Buddhist Studies

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 200 Approaches to Comparative Literature

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 202B Approaches to Genre: Lyric Poetry

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE 202C Approaches top Genre: The Novel

CRITICAL THEORY 200 Critique in 19th Century Thought

EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES 200 Proseminar: Approaches to East Asian Studies

EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES 202 Close Reading Area Studies: China and Japan in the World

EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES 204 Topics in East Asian Studies

ENGLISH 200 Problems in the Study of Literature

ETHNIC STUDIES 200 Critical Terms and Issues in Comparative Ethnic Studies

ETHNIC STUDIES 201 History and Narrativity: Contemporary Theories and Methods

FILM 200 Graduate Film Theory Seminar

FILM 201 Graduate Film Historiography

FILM 203 Film Studies Proseminar

GENDER AND WOMEN'S STUDIES 200 Critical Theory and Research

GEOGRAPHY 200A Contemporary Geographic Thought

GLOBAL STUDIES 210 MA Seminar for Global Studies

HISTORY C231 Japanese Studies: Past, Present, and... Future?

JOURNALISM 200 Reporting the News

LINGUISTICS 200 Graduate Proseminar in Linguistics

MUSIC 200C Introduction to Music Scholarship III

NEW MEDIA 200 History and Theory of New Media

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES 200 Topics in Science and Technology Studies

SOCIOLOGY 200 Proseminar

SOCIOLOGY 201A Classical Social Theory

SOCIOLOGY 201B Modern Social Theory

THEATER 200A Introductory Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Research in Performance