Past Theses


Connor Ka Hei Au Yeung
The Invisible Hand:  Gun Trading in the Pearl River Delta, 1911-1927

Site Li
Female Voices in Poems on Objects 詠物詩: the Adoption of the “Autumn Fan” 秋扇 in Ming-Qing Women’s Poems

Ryuichiro Kato
Diversity and Shingon Buddhism

Pratiti Ketoki
Ghosts (of) in Calcutta: Dead, Undead, Requiem and Beyond


Kelly Fan
Technologies of the Voice: Telephonic Mediations in Bao Tianxiao's Sentimental Love Stories

Alec Fraser
Abe Kobo's Urban Dialectics: "Peripatetic Flight" in The Ruined Map and The Box Man


Sara Barrera Rubio
The Phrase Xing Ming Zhi Qing​ in the ​Zhuangzi

Zhuolun Xie
Rethinking Soushan tu

Howard Mu
Buddha Nature as the Middle Way – Jizang’s Madhyamaka Interpretation of Buddha Nature

Megan Pan
The Fool and the Foolish Creek: Place Naming and Ambiguity in Liu Zongyuan’s Yongzhou

Leon Jenkins
Lilies in the Shade—Morality and Melodrama in Hana Monogatari

Faith Garcia
Deepening Perspectives of Cultural Trauma: Women’s Life Writing in Post-War Korea


Yike Zhang
The Dilemma of “Opening”: “Western” Students’ Encounter with Late-Mao China and the Reimagination of Everyday Sino-Foreign Interactions, 1973-1976

Min Su
Baotou Iron and Steel Company in Images: A Study Based on the Inner Mongolia Pictorial Published in 1959 and 1960

Shuyi Yang
Orderly Disruptions: Returning Genetic Scientists in the Chinese City of Experiment

Elena Lopez-Barber
Depicting dis-identification: Queer time & futurity in Japanese manga

Lachlan Batchelor
‘Thou O Hafiz… be silent’ - Press Laws and Press Protest in Late Colonial to Contemporary India 


Andrew Hardy
Imagining the Sage: The Body of Kongzi in Han Visual Culture

Jermey Breningstall
"Beyond the Tale of a Red Princess: Media Archeology and the Digital Afterlife(s) of Sun Weishi"

Leslie Huang
Exercising for Self-Cultivation: Luohans and Yangsheng in the late Ming

Yixin Liang
Revisioning Hijiri in Premodern Japan

Zara Toh
(Re)Constructing Chineseness: The role of multiracial policies in conceptualizing a place-based identity of the Chinese community in Singapore


Lana Larkin
Type 3: Chinese Rappers, Embodied Animations, Worlding Cyborgs

Jonathan Baldoza
Engendering Nation: Women, Family, and Citizenship in Early Twentieth Century Philippines

Adrien Chorn
“Buddhist-Rightful Resistance”: Monastic Activism in Contemporary Cambodia

Joshua Whitwell
The Samādhi of Following One’s Own Mental Activity (Sui ziyi sanmei 隨自意三昧): An Annotated Translation with Introduction


Anthony Morreale
The Life and Work of Nguyên Ngọc


Alexander Sheehan
The Zuo Traditions and the Zhuangzi: A Conversation about Power and Authority

Nicholas Constantino
Pretending to be Good: The Role of Wei in the Xunzi

Nathaniel Curran
International and Intranational Englishes in Korea

Thomas Maxon
The Vanguards of Nezha: Liminality and Transformation in a Taiwanese Village

Max Brandstadt
The Treatise on Investigating Falsehoods and Resolving Delusions: A Translation and Study of the Qiongzha bianhuo lun


Elaine Yeh
Can a human really be without qing?  A study of emotions and spiritual development in the Zhuangzi

Joseph Passman
Forsaking the Pen:Chinese Intellectuals, Resistance University, and the Communist Guerrilla War Against Japan,1937-1945

Phillip Larkin
The Wushe Incident: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Gabriel Pellikka

Fedde DeVries 
Against Simplicity: Translating and Interpreting The General Exposition on the Avatamsaka Sutra


Hannah Bennett Thompson
Pray tell! An Initial Foray into Narrative on the Backs of Mirrors of the Han Dynasties (206 BCE - 220 CE)

Marie Hartono

Eli Magana
The $243 Billion Gorilla in the Room The Pachinko Industry and its Hold on Japanese Politics

Yuma Kuwata
The Nuclear Power Plant Export Market of Developing States Competition between State Owned Enterprises and Private Firms

Robert CurlEver
United in Loyalty? Institutional Change Causing Cultural Change in Prewar and Postwar Japanese Education

Valerie Black
Nuclear-Powered Gaslighting? Maternal Accountability in the Aftermath of the 3/11 Disaster

Sung Yun
A Historical Survey of the Development of the Concept of klista-manas (afflicted-mind) in Yogacara Philosophy and its Implications in Spiritual Cultivation

Susana Su
Portrayals of Tibetanness in Meizhuo Clan of the Sun

Mark Rutschman-Byler
Soto Zen in Meiji Japan: The Life and Times of Nishiari Bokusan


Mindy Yimin Chen
A Bullet through a Drunken Haze: Rap and Identity in Xinjiang's rising hip hop scene

Mary Haynes Lewine
Accounting for and Conjuring Traces of the Buddha: Sacred Semblances in the Medieval Travel Records of the Chinese Pilgrim Monks Faxian and Xuanzang

Shao Wen Song
Liu Xiang, Lien Zhuan, and Maternal Rectitude 

Natalie Ornell
A Critical Who's Who of China's Weiquan Lawyers:
Measuring the Influence of Personal Background on Career Paths

Muyang Chen
Development Bank Reforms: Why has China Marketized More than Japan

Grant Schechner
Coping With Climate: Subsistence in Heian Period Tohoku and its implication for Emishi Identity

Haodong Han
Impacts of Political Reservation for Women on Targeting in India

Christopher D. Robertson
A Media-ted Movement: Taiwan's Gay and Lesbian Movement Through Print Media


Li Shao
The Continuing Authoritarian Resilience under Internet Development in China: An Observation of Sina Microblog

Nicholas Stucky-Mack
Methods of Political Control in the Qin Empire: Coercion in the Received and Excavated Texts

Yuanxi Huang
Implications of Online Egao in China

Benjamin Knight
Japan's Isolationalist Fantasy: Agricultural Liberalization as a Case Study in the Discourse & Reality of Japan's New Parochialism

Eric Stainbrook
Constrained by History: The Yoshida Consensus and the US-Japan Dispute over Marine Corps Air Station Futenma

Paul Martin
Gotoba and the Gobankaji: A Swordsmith Emperor in Medieval Japan


Tingting Xu
Neither Standpatter nor Jacobin: Mei Guangdi's Confucian Humanism

Kerry Seiji Shannon
Defining the State: Yasukuni Shrine in Modern Japan

Yoonjin Park
Korean New Women's Layered Identities in Colonial Korea

Hannah Archambault
Shah Jahan Begum's Taj al-iqbal: Laying the Foundations of Prosperity in Nineteenth Century Bhopal

Vener Macaspac
Naming the Enemy: Deaths, Disappearance, and Displacement of the Cordillera Peoples under the Phillippine Counterterrorist Strategy 

Alessandro Tiberio
Territoriality, Legitimacy, and National Space: Representations and Performances of Nationhood in Taiwan and North Korea


Eve Oleta Cary
Shanghai Fever: The role of local government and real estate in China's overheating cycles

Corey Haley Nelson Schultz
Imaging the Nation and the National in the Post-2000 Films of Jia Zhangke

Jenny Hing Ying Leung
Chinese Bloggers on Backpacking: 'Donkey Friends' Tourism, Travel Writing, and Photography in Contemporary China

Evelyn Shih 
The Old Cat Swims: Reading Huang Chunming in Dialogue with Nativism, Post-Colonialism and Modernity 

Ariadne Schulz
Race, Ethnicity and the Practice of Japanese Osteoarchaelogy 

Megan Mulholland
Piercing, Fragmentation and Objectification: Overcoming Trauma is Post-Bubble Japan

Alexander Kwon
Exposing Realities: Aesthetics and Documentary in Postwar Japanese Photography

Isabel F. Esterman
From the Bottom of the Page: Nationalism and Narrative in the Rizal Morga

Min Zin
The Impact of Ethnic Conflicts in Northeastern Burma on Sino-Burma Relations

Kuo-An Ma
Visualizing the Human World: Another Look at Ren Jian Magazine and Documentary Photography in 1980s Taiwan


Steven Dale
The Dead do not Speak: Death, Sacrifice, and the Spirit World in Wang Chong's Lunheng

Charlene Lord-Sawyer
Poison, Power, and Last Resorts: Refiguring the Image of the Japanese Criminal in Kirino Natsuo's Out

Sanggyoung Lee
Nostalgic Films and the Reception of Audience

Chi Thuc Ha                                                                                 
Thinking & Acting like a proper communist: Nguyen Hong's Buroc Durong Viet Van and the communist memoir in Vietnam


April D. Hughes
Sengquie: A Case Study in Medieval Chinese Hagiography

Eric Kaltman
Kinesthetic Game Design for Writing Chinese 

Ieva Tretjuka
The Imaginary and the Other in Contemporary Otaku Subculture in Japan

Hayang Sook Kim
Sounds, Sights and Science in Natsume Soseki's Heredity of Taste

Timothy Barratt Henderson
Enduring Loyalty: North Koreans in Japan and their Response to Crisis

Kakani Suresh Mannalalji
Neoliberalization, Land and Violent Conflict: A Case Study of Special Economic Zones in India 


Michael Jung-Hau Hsu
Domesticating the Foreign: Western Women and Mixed Marriages in Republican China

Sarah Sutton Weems
Unpacking the 'Hairy Savage': Portraits of the Ainu in the Nineteenth-Century British Travel Narratives Unbeaten Tracks in Japan and Alone with the Hairy Ainu

Jeyashree Nadarajah
Is Access to Education the Universal Antidote to Child Soldiering? 

Lan Anh NgoTran Luc
The Negotiator and the Translator of Cultures

Matthew D. Hughes
Inching Forward in Soroako: Limits and Opportunities in a New Indonesian Democracy


Joanne Yan Zhong
Building Shanghai Modernity: A Study of Residential Space, 1911-1949

Eelsun Hahm
The State and the Women in Post-Mao China: An Analysis of Laws Related to Women

J. Adelman
To the Kowloon Station: Portrayals of Mainland Chinese In Contemporary Hong Kong Film

John R. Alexander

Visualizing Ethnicity, Solidifying History: Documentary Ethnographic Filmmaking in China, 1957-1966

Ji-hyang Lee
The Development of Peace Education in South Korea: National Contextualization of Peace Concept and Education Practice

Zuraidah Ibrahim
Jemaah Islamiyah Wives: Supportive Bystanders or Ignorant Partners?


Angela Lai Hsiao
Another Look at Lacquer Box of the 29th Year, B26M286: A Pre-Dynasty Qin Vessel

Mary Nicole Nazzaro
Madagascar's China Legacy: Traditional Medicine and Public Health

Teresa Hsiao-Tzen Sun Hunter
The Foreign Devil - A Study of Foreign Peoples in the Sancai tuhui

Seaman Weldon Barker
The Rise of Deng Xiaoping

Nani Mahanta
State and Periphery in South Asia: Issues of Identity, Violence, and Peace in North-East India 

Virginia Jing-yi Shih
Selected Nature Poems of Nguyen Trai's Ue Trai Thi Tap


John Kaichun Guo
The Songs of a Lonely Woodcutter: A Brief Analysis of the Spiritual Loneliness in Zhu Dunru's Poems 

Elizabeth L. Veldman-Choi
Written Cantonese in Hong Kong Print Advertisements

Leigh-Ashley Lipscomb
Raising the Dead: The Cultural Legacy of the Tokyo Trials

Steven S. Park
South Korea's Foreign Policy: Strategies for Survival of the State

Alyssa Rome Mudd
Unmaking a Movie: Water and the Politics of Hindu Nationalism 

Nina J. Keefer
The Case of the Guam Exodus: Asylum Seekers from Burma in the United States


Shunhua Yan
China's Fragmented Authority and the Liberalization of Information Industry

Jing Lin
The Practice of Eating and Drinking in Late Ming Society

Raffaele Furno
Causeway of Dreams: Satoh Makoto's Ismene and the Post-Shingeki Movement

Janice Shique Kanemitsu Kande
The Beginnings of Mdern Literary Criticism in Japan: The Man 'yo daishoki and the Critical Approach of Keichu

Hanako Asakura
The Uncanny Structure of Inheritance in Natsume Soseki's Kokoro and Michikusa

Matthew John Wegehaupt
Hong Seok-cheon - Keoming Aut in South Korea


Kenneth S. Fu
China's Modernizing Military: Credible Conventional Threat to Taiwan?

Daniella Caroline Gould
Chinese Students and the State (1989-2000): An Unexpected Alliance

Benjamin Brose
Record of the Tiantai Mountains

Daniel Aaron Friedland
Development of B2C E-Commerce in the Japanese Market

Adam Jeffrey Steckler
Remembering Loss or Losing the Past: Confronting War Trauma in Postwar Japan

Youngmin Choe
Women's Journals and the Expansion of the Media Public Sphere in Early Modern Korea

Joyojeet Kunal Pal
The Implications of Internet Technology Spread in the Village and in the Educational System in India: Possibilities for the Future with Lessons from the Past and Present 

Jordyn Steig
The Multiple Perspectives of Popular Hindi Films: Inside and Outside the Reels of Biwi No. 1 and Shree Char Sua Bis 

Leslie A. Woodhouse
Of Missionaries and Modernity: Protestant Missionaries As Agents of Modernity in 19th Century Thailand

Cam Nguyet Nguyen
Z.28 and the Appeal of Spy Fiction in Southern Vietnam, 1954-1975


Darrell Hugh Zemitis
The Future of North Korea: Scenarios and Implications for the United States Army


Yun Shi
A Sectarian Family: Cultivating Social Space in Late Imperial China

Hiroki Takeuchi
Sino-Soviet Relations in the 1950's: Fragile Cordinality

Marcie Rae Wakefield
The Role of Multinational Advertising Agencies in the Development of Mainland China's Advertising Industry


Mitsuaki Hoshino
China's Accession to the WTO

Eric Adam Samuels
Tang Chang'an and Song Kaifeng: Political, Economic, and Social Factors in the Changing Nature of Medieval Chinese Cities

Susan Fulop Kepner
A Civilized Woman: A Cultural Biography of M.L. Boonlua Thepyasuwan

Tracy L. Lewellen
Employee Training Retreats in Japan: A Cultivation of the Moral Self

Catherine Yoonah Bae
Gender Blenders and Suspenders: The Problematization of the Postwar Shojo Subject in Tezuka Osamu's Robon no Kishi

Simon Andrew Aveneli
The Culture of Dispute in Saitama, 1946

Daniel Peter-Daum Aldrich
Localities that Can Say No? Autonomy and Dependence in Japanese Local Government

Kitti Prasirtsuk
State Education and Company Training in Japan: The Division of Public and Private Roles


Jacob Tyler Whittaker
Du Wenxiu's Partial Peace: Framing Alternatives to Manchu Rule across Ethnic Boundaries among China's Nineteenth-Century Rebel Movements

Nathalie De Spiegeleire
Heilongjiang Deconstructed

Dwight Daniel Dyer Leal
Still in the Cage? Political Constraints to Institutional Reform of China's Banking System

Michael Hugh Rea
A Furusato Away from Home

Sayuri Irene Oyama
Dowa Education: Local Approaches in Addressing Social Discrimination in Japan

Julia Claire Bullock
Infanticide in Japan: Past and Present

Jullianne Komori Dvorak
Sailor Moon and the Shojo-ization of Male Imagery

Eileen Yujoo Kim
Korean Comfort Women: Political and Personal History Intertwined

Catherine Dong Soon Miller
Origins of Modern Prostitution in Asia: Meiji Japan reflected in Colonized Korea

Hai Kwang Lee
The US-North Korea Nuclear Negotiations from a Perspective of Neo-Realism

Maiya Yang
Assessment of Rural Land Tenure in Vietnam

Peter S. Goodman
Blame it on the Sources: U.S. Print Media Coverage of Ngo Dinh Diem, 1954-1963

Mairi Kristina Dupar
The Status and Rights of Domestic Workers in Indonesia

Douglas Fuller
Between Globalization and Democratization: The Evolution of Taiwanese IC Industrial Policy in the Age of Economic and Political Liberalization


Anne Mi-kyeong Suh
Economic Integration of China and Newly Industrializing Economies: Cases of Taiwan-Fujian and South Korea-Shandong

Robin S.K. Loh
Foreign Joint Ventures in China

Caroline Sio-Chin Sheu
Form VS. Substance: China's Legal Framework for Foreign Investment

Eugenia C. Katsigris
Technology Transfer to China's Rural Industries: The Case of Qinghai's Haidong Prefecture

David Neal Averbach
Approaching "The Bridge of Dreams": Construction of Normality in Tanzaki Junichiro's "Yume no Ukihashi"

Kevin Richard Dixon
Avenues of Alternative Political Expression Under the New Order Regime in Indonesia: Kedung Ombo and the Response to Developmentalism

Andrea Marguerite Hamilton
Profit from Experience: Lessons of Hoa Binh Dam for Son La

Daniel Patrick Buck
Growth, Disintegration, and Decentralization. The Construction of Taiwan's Industrial Structure


Cecily McCaffrey
Divine Descent: The Importance of Heavenly Connections in the Development of the Taiping Ideology

Christina Mungan
Woman as Metaphor in the Stories of Liu Heng and Mo Yan

Robert James Girouard
The Japanese Patent System: Trade and Industrial Policy Implications

Michael Dylan Foster
The Kappa: A Study in the Lower Mythology of Japan

Jong Dae Park
The APEC Trade Regime and APEC-NAFTA Relationship

Fu-Mei Chen
The Political Economy of Regional Economic Integration: A Study of Trade and Investment Across the Taiwan Straits


Eugenio Menegon
The Anti-Christian Persecution of 1637-38 in Fujian : Friars, Jesuits and Chinese

Lida Vera Nedilsky
Loneliness and the Re-Socialization of Intellectuals in the First Decade of Post-Liberation China

Robin S.K. Loh
Sharing the Same Dream? Foreign Investment in the P.R.C. as Reflected in a Hotel Venture

Anne Harper Reinhardt
The Late Qing Field of Fiction Translation, 1895-1910

Jiemin Bao
Marriage among Ethnic Chinese in Bangkok: An Ethnography of Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity over Two Generations

Matthias Goertz
Guangdong's Telecommunications Sector in Transition Evolution of China's Public Realm

C. Palecki
Continuity and Change in Japan as Reflected in the Tora-san Movie Series

Brian Fowler
The Liberal Democratic Party's Fall From Grace: A Virtuous Cycle Ends in Japan

Maria C. Domingo Kirk
Manabo Worldview and Feminist Practice in the Oral Epic Agyu

Susan Fulop Kepner
Married to the Demon King: Feminist Writing in the Thai Context


Lydia Chen
Inner Visions: Avant-Garde Art in China (Film and Script)

Christian Walter Shatz
Introduction to the Japanese National Research System and its Role in Japan's High Technology Infrastructure

Laura Lai Wong
Policy Shifts in Japan's Research and Development Environment and Their Impact on International Accessibility

Christy Allison Barlett
The Tennojiya kai-ki: The Formative Years of Chanoyu

Michael Dong Shin
Conceptions of Korea in The Independent

Alyssa Jeanne Park
On a Slippery Slope: Political Elites and Social Mobility in the Mid Choson Dynasty, 1392-1910

Virginia Jing-yi Shih
Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA): Past, Present, and Future

Adam C. Mayes
The Institutional Structure of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia: A Transaction Cost Approach


Katherine Lucille Kress
Carodoso, Wallerstein, Gunder Frank and the Gang of Four: An Analysis of the Gang of Four's Critique of China's Foreign Trade in Relations to Dependency Theory

William Arden Koontz
Emerging Secondary Markets for Securities in China: Potential, Problems, and Prospects

Pamela Sue Burdman
Intellectual Property and US-China Trade

Dorothy Baldwin Baker
Civil-Military Relations in Japan: The Political and Security Implications of Civilian Control

Susan Mariko Kobayashi
Scandal in the Japanese Financial Industry

John Federic Sweeney
Freedom of the Press in Taiwan: A Comparison of Taiwan Newspaper Coverage of the Deaths of Henry Liu and Cheng Nan-jung


Bettina Anna Schroeder
China's Self-Portrait in Its Foreign-Oriented Press (And Accompanying MA Appendix)

Janine Eve Egert
Traditional Tibetan Song Forms Associated with the Secular Verses Attributed to the Sixth Dalai Lama (As Presented by a Contemporary Tibetan Musician)

Chia Chi Jason Wang
The Iconography of Zhong Kui in Chinese Painting

Hsingyuan Tsao Cahill
Art as a Means of Self-Cultivation and Social Intercourse: On the Social Function of Dong Qichang's Art

Glenn R. Woodfin
The Chinese Protestant Church and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Since 1979 In Search of an Authentic Voice

Lauren Spencer Bickart
Reforms in the Employment System in China, 1978-1990

Andrew Warren Leonard
Freedom to Be Irresponsible? The Post Martial-Law Taiwan Press


Pingyi Xu
Foreign Direct Investment in the People's Republic of China After Tiananmen and Economic Retrenchment


Beda Chia-Cheng Liu
The Political Reform of the PRC: From the 12th to the 13th Party Congree

Jiemin Bao
Tears Behind the Smiles: Life Experiences of Three Chinese Immigrant Women in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Akira Chiba
Pacific Cooperation and China: Prospects for the Next Phase

Ching Lin Pang
The Communist Youth League and the Changing Values of Chinese Youth in the 1980's

Catherine Heaney
U.S. Trade Policy Toward Taiwan


Ines Zupanov

Ann C. Devancy
Political and Economic Consequences of the Long-term Refugees in First Asylum Countries: A Case Study

Alysoun Ann Mahoney
Business Concentration in Taiwan and South Korea


Kathryn Louise Mar
Childbirth Attitudes of Recent Chinese Immigrant Fathers Particpating as Birth Attendants: A Pilot Study

Patricia Louise Martin
The Zaibatsu Re-Examined: An institution of the Capitalist Developmental State

Victoria Lyon-Bestor
The Short Life of Lifetime Employment and the Long Life Thereafter


Hiroyasu Izumi
Alienation and Humanism: The Eliminate Spiritual Pollution Campaign and its Aftermath, vol. 1, 2, 3

Hiroyasu Izumi
Chinese Newspapers Published in the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Mohfei Geh
Development and Strategies: China's Oil and Petrochemical Industry

Mohfei Geh
Chinese Garden Rocks and Depictions of Them by Ch'iu Ying

Min-Chieh Shieh
Peking's Foreign Policy Toward the Korean Peninsula Since 1970

Susan Louise Holme
Theatre in China, 1942-1956: A Changing Social Role for Women

Natalia Soebagjo
The Consenting Partner: China's Response to the Lure of Capitalism

Atsuko Zenda
Women and War in Japan


Haruko Taya Cook
Voices from the Front: Japanese War Literature, 1937-1945


Barbara H. Illing
The Role of Ideology in China's Foreign Trade Policy


Sandra Gaye Messick
Limiting the Growth of Population: Two Asian Cases (China and India)


Patricia M.H. Johnson
Counter Currents in Chinese Communist Education


Sara Hayden Guyoi
Delinquency and Juvenile Subcultures in San Francisco's Chinese-American Community

Todd Carrel
The TanZam Railway


Virginia Kean
Thesis on the Japan Tea Ceremony


Esther Ball Hewlett
The Role of the Chinese Middle School as a Preserver of Ethnic Identity in Hong Kong


Ji Ing Woo
Stalin and Mao - An Examination of Two Approaches to Political Leadership

Frances Marie Friello Chodack
The Japanese Student Movement: Attitudes and Actions