MA Requirements

Unit Requirements

A minimum of 20 units of graduate-level or upper division undergraduate courses in one of the four regional concentrations: East Asia; Northeast Asia; South Asia; Southeast Asia.  All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

  • For the 20-unit minimum, at least 8 units must be taken in graduate seminars (200-level) in two or more departments. The rest of the units may come from undergraduate upper division courses (100-level and above), or more graduate seminars.
  • The 8 units in graduate seminars must be taken for 4 units and for a letter grade. 
  • The graduate proseminar, Asian Studies 201, is required for two semesters; however, the units do not count toward the 20-unit minimum.

Foreign Language

A minimum of three years of course work in an Asian language relevant to the student’s regional specialization or evidence of equivalent preparation. For students who want to apply for PhD programs, it is advantageous to take more than one Asian language.

  • Relevant language work beyond the three-year minimum requirement is encouraged and may be included among the program units upon approval of the Faculty Chair.
  • For students who are already proficient (beyond the equivalent of three years of language study) in an Asian language, the language requirement can be considered satisfied. However, as noted, it is strongly encouraged that students take on an additional language.

Capstone/Thesis (Plan I)

A Master’s thesis that will be supervised and approved by a three-member faculty committee.

* For MA thesis filing procedures, please visit the Graduate Division website here.